Behind The Scenes

The Need to Know
Swank A Posh is the corner store for fly girls worldwide. We style, buy and design our pieces based solely on what we believe is stylish and authentic to our brand and customers. Swank is a lifestyle of wearing what we want, how we want, regardless of the popular or public opinion. We keep the competition on their toes, over thinking every piece we select with every Swank Girl in mind.


Fun Facts About Swank
*Swank has been established since 2009, and now has four stores, including the online store.
*Swank is solely owned by, none other than the #girlpreneur, Ebony Swank herself.
*Ebony came up with the name Swank A Posh while looking in the dictionary and combined the two words together.
- Swank /swaNGk/: display one's wealth, knowledge, or achievements in a way that is intended to impress others.
- Posh /päSH/: the quality or state of being elegant, stylish, or upper-class.
*Ebony runs a secondary business to assist and educate other entrepreneurs on how to run a successful business, called the Business Best Friend Program in which she can be contacted at