BBL Recovery: Day-by-Day Aftercare + Tips for BBL Shapewear

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You did it, girl! You're taking the first steps toward getting the booty of your dreams thanks to a Brazilian butt lift (BBL). Now, as you're stepping into this new phase, you might be wondering, "What's next?"

The post-BBL road can feel a bit daunting with all the do's and don'ts, especially with the swelling, pain management, and, oh, getting used to those new curves! Don't worry; we've got your back. We've put together a friendly guide to help you navigate your BBL recovery time —from day one to the moment you're fully healed.

Ready to dive into the nitty-gritty of BBL aftercare, shapewear, and all things comfort? Let's get started on this journey together, with lots of tips and shared experiences to make your BBL recovery as smooth as your new silhouette.

The BBL Recovery Journey: What to Expect

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, BBLs increased by over 90% between 2015 and 2019 - that makes it one of the fastest-growing plastic surgery procedures in recent memory!

And it's no surprise why. This two-in-one body procedure takes fat from your abdomen or another fleshy part of the body and injects it into your butt. It's a great way to contour your body, giving you a tiny waist and a big, smooth bottom.

Of course, like with any surgery, there is a BBL recovery process. The experts at Silhouette Plastic Surgery Institute explain that it takes about two to three months to make a full recovery from a BBL.

While everyone has a different BBL recovery timeline, here is what you can expect in the weeks following your procedure.

Initial Days After Surgery (Day 1-7)

The first week of BBL recovery is often the most difficult. These first few days will be all about pain management and letting your body heal. You should avoid sitting or any strenuous activity.

Weeks Following Surgery (Week 2-8)

After the first week, you should start seeing improvements. Pain and swelling should be going down and you can begin to move more.

During these weeks, your doctor will recommend that you wear BBL shapewear (more on that soon) and still advise that you don't sit for long periods. This advice ensures that you lose minimal fat so you get the booty of your dreams.

You may also start incorporating more activity back in your day, including going back to work if possible.

Long-Term Recovery (Month 2-3 and Beyond)

After a couple of months, you will start feeling like your new self and get back to your typical routine - even working out! At this point in your BBL recovery, you can also appreciate the final results of the procedure.

You might not need to wear BBL shapewear at this point, it doesn't hurt to give your booty a little extra boost.

Want to learn more about BBL recovery in real-time? Swank Girl Kashia shares her BBL and tummy tuck Journey with you! Watch the video below to learn more about the recovery timeline, including BBL healing stages pictures.

BBL Aftercare Tips

These BBL aftercare tips can help make sure you stay comfortable and keep your new booty in the best shape.

  • Don't sit down for long periods of time
  • Use a BBL pillow, or a booty pillow when you do need to sit
  • Avoid exercises or heavy lifting
  • Wear your compression garment
  • Eat a healthy diet and stay hydrated
  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing
  • Avoid pools and hot tubs

The best thing you can do after a BBL procedure is follow all the post-operative instructions provided by your surgeon. Also, make sure to attend all your follow-up meetings to make sure the healing process is going smoothly.

BBL Shapewear and Garments: Maximizing Comfort and Results

BBL shapewear is your secret weapon during the recovery process. Not only does it help with the healing process and reduce swelling, but it also ensures you get the best results from your BBL surgery.

The best BBL shapewear is known as a faja. The faja is essential for post-operative healing thanks to supreme compression and support but is also designed to aid in back support, posture, and reduction of cellulite.

The experts at Arpanu Medical recommend wearing a faja all day and night for about 3 months during recovery. They explain that the faja has three different stages and the level of compression increases with every stage. So, if you're wondering when you can sleep without your faja after a BBL, the answer is after 3 months at least!

Of course, you can keep giving your booty a boost long after (or before) your BBL with shapewear like our Faja BBL Shorts. With its unique combination of compression, molding, and lifting technology, these shorts will lift your booty, shape it, and give you the curves you've always wanted.

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