The Best Customer Service

  • 1 min read

“Sorry for the inconvenience  ma’am, it’s nothing that we can do.” These are the worst words an unhappy customer could hear after they have been transferred, put on hold, listening to music from hell, only to receive the WORST customer service experience ever. Sometimes customers just want to be heard, understood, and need a little motivation. At Swank A Posh, we got you sis; our customer service team listens, problem solves, and motivates all while providing our customers with the BEST products and product knowledge at the same damn time.

Not sure about the items you purchased, or the fit of your jeans? Just trust our customer service team and try the damn jeans on first girl! Our SuperGa High Waist Stretchy Jeans are what every Swank bae needs, so don’t be intimidated by the look of the jeans, just trust the process. Know that we are always here to answer any questions, that’s how we handle things here at Swank A Posh!


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