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The LGBTQ+  community has faced many challenges throughout the years. From being discriminated against, hated for who they love, and bullied for who they are all led to the struggles of not having the ability to live authentic lives.  In June 1969, a police raiding took place in New York City at a gay bar know as the Stonewall Inn. The raiding led to The Stonewall riots that lasted up to 6 days. As a result of The Stonewall Riots, Pride all over the world is known today.  
Pride month represents activism, the LGBTQ+ community and allies come together to celebrate culture, love, and being unapologetically who they are. The LGBTQ+ is a strong community that have made positive changes over the years. Let’s help them celebrate this month by marching, donating to organizations, or simply just being kind.
AtSwank A Posh, we support  and celebrate the LBGTQ+ community. Rather you’re gay, lesbian, pansexual, transgender, etc we celebrate you and admire you for being authentic. Love is love at the end of the day,  f*ck what would others think. All Pride month you can be proud of who you are, comfortable, be yourself, and represent who you are in all ofSwank A Posh pieces.
Confined Bandage Deconstructed Top
Never allow people to confine or construct who you are.The Confined Bandage Deconstructed Top is the perfect top to represent just that!
IDK, IDC Print T-Shirt
The IDK, IDC Print T-Shirt speaks volumes. Who gives af about what you think? We don’t 
Caught Up Cut Out Bandage Chaps
Pop out, be bold, and flaunt your sexuality all month long inThe Caught Up Cut Out Bandage Chaps.
Open Tie Dye Midi Dress
The Open Tie Dye Midi Dressgives fun, open, and colorful vibes, everything that this month represents. 
Happy Pride month Swank baes, you know we like to keep up, so tag us in the items you chose to represent you. XOXO 


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