How To Avoid Make-Up On Your Swank A Posh Clothes

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Ladies, it’s nothing like doing a fresh beat on your face and then you f*ck up your clothes with one spot of make-up. We outside this summer, it’s not going to be cute to have make-up stains all over your fresh outfit fromSwank A Posh. Let me put you on game right quick with a few options on how to avoid this problem.  
Use A Damp Towel 
Grab a damped towel sis to pat on your face after you’ve finished doing your make-up. The damped towel will absorb the make-up which will prevent it from smearing on your clothes while putting your outfit on for the day. 
Use Facial Tissue 
Using facial tissue will help set the make-up in place. You will need to pat it on your face using light strokes around your whole face but especially around the jawline and cheek area. 
Use A Scarf  
Place a scarf lightly over your head and let it fall over your face. This will help prevent any excess make-up falling from your face onto your clothes. 
Use Proper Make-Up Routine
Before doing a full face, apply primer. After applying the primer on your face, set it with a small layer of translucent powder. The translucent powder will help set the primer in place.  After you applied your primer and set it with translucent spray, beat your face. After you’ve done your full face, spray it with setting spray. This will also help your make-up from spreading.
Whichever option you would like to use, comment down below. This will not only prevent make-up on your clothes but your man clothes too girl. We want our Swank baes stepping out the right way in their Swank A Posh pieces.   



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