A F*ck Boy Heart Break

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This man was bae for a  year!! Everything was going good, from the gifts, to the date nights, and the trips out of the country, it was the consistency for you. Dating a f*ck boy days were finally over, so you thought. After a while, you start to pick up on different patterns and you notice the energy is off. Less facetime calls/texts, ghosting you on date nights, and the gifts were cut out. You lurk on his page and find exactly what you're looking for, now you have a “that’s her” picture!!
As our good sis Megan Thee Stallion says “switch up my hair to make him feel like he cheating” except some women switch up their hair after a heartbreak, some women post bomb ass IG pictures to show him what he’s missing, or they spend a check on some clothes. Girl if you are in the category of the women who like to spend a check on some clothes, let me tell you about the perfect itemsSwank A Poshhas to purchase after a heartbreak. 
F Him Mesh Footed Leggings 
He ghosted you? F him. Caught him cheating? F him. Say F him sis without having to say it by wearingThe F Him Mesh Footed Leggings. You’re single now girl so it’s a hot girl summer all summer long. You can step out and pair these leggings withStride High Rise Denim Shorts or if you really want to spice it up, you can pair it withThe Invest Simple Shaping Tank Bodysuit. Either way, the message is very loud and clear.


1-800-His-Loss T-Shirt
We know your home girls told you “it’s his loss” and it is but tell him with the 1-800-His-Loss T-shirt! This statement graphic tee can be worn in so many ways.The 1-800-His-Loss T-shirtcan be paired withThe Burst Your Bubble High Rise Jeans,The Amy Fringe Medium Blue Denim Shorts, orThe Beth Ribbed Biker Shorts , you choose sis on how you want to pop out and let em know you wasn’t the one who took a L. 


No F Boys Printed Denim Jacket
Girl we all have been heart broken by a f*ck boy once before, maybe even twice it’s ok pooh! If you have been heart broken by a f*ck boy more than that then sis, grabThe No F Boys Printed Denim Jacketto keep the f*ck boys away. If you like a little denim on denim this jacket can be paired withThe Witness Distressed High Rise Jeansor even The Alex High Rise Distressed Jeans. If you’re in the mood to give a little bit more, you can pair with The Widow Ruche Latex High Rise Pants.Make it loud and clear that it’s a NO F BOY zone.


Girl F You Printed T-Shirt 
After a breakup, it’s always the girl that your ex decided to ghost you for thinking that you’re still pressed over him and tries her best to make you jealous.  Girl F You! Let her know just how you feel withThe Girl F You Printed T-shirtthe next time she lurks on your IG page to try to compete where she can’t compare.The Girl F You Printed T-shirtcan always be paired withThe Amy Fringe Medium Blue Denim Shortsor someSuperGa High Waist Stretchy Jeans. 


False Alarm Printed T-Shirt
After a few months go by, he just knew he would be able to hit you up to get back with you after he saw that his number was unblocked. FALSE ALARM, you still don’t want him. WearThe False Alarm Printed T-shirt to let him know loud and clear, that he thought he could double back to you after he cheated but he can’t!! You can pair this cute simple tee withSerena Mini Pleated Flare Tennis Skirtor evenThe Rude Distressed High Waist Fringe Flare Jeans.


Single As A Pringle Printed T-Shirt 
Aht Aht!! Don’t respond to that DM you just received from this new dude, let him sit there.The Single As A Pringle Printed T-Shirt  is the perfect t-shirt to wear to remind yourself to just enjoy being by yourself  right now and get to know yourself a little bit better. Wear this graphic tee out with the girls with The Ace High Waist Stretchy ShortsorFrontline High Rise Frayed Bell Bottom Jeans.The Be Honest Ruche Faux Leather Pantswould be the perfect go to, just to give your graphic-tee a different look. 
At Swank A Posh we know exactly what you need boo to express yourself after a breakup and that’s these items listed above. We love to keep up with our Swank baes so tag us in the items you chose and give his a** back to the streets, you deserve a real man!! 
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