5 Swank A Posh Items For The Spend The Night Bag

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It’s been 3 months of  you talking to this guy, it’s been great vibes, you both are getting closer, and the connection that you both have with one another is unmatched. The weekend is coming up and you will be spending the weekend over your new boo house for the first time, that means it’s time to pack that “spend the night” bag  girl! Every woman always packs the basic necessities for their spend the night bag but it wouldn’t be right if we didn't put our good sis on 5Swank A Posh must haves to pack for the weekend with the new bae.

5 Must Haves

Area Boob Tape and Nipple Cover Pack

This is the perfect item to pack for a dinner date night when you want “the girls” (breast) to sit up perfectly., Theadhesive body tape isn’t visible, making it easy to wear with any top, blouse, or dress. The tape is also a  great nipple coverage. It’s 2021 bras are so dated, why not grab theArea Boob Tape and Nipple Cover  to pack for the weekend away?

Hold Tummy Control High Waist Thong 

Need that stomach under control? TheHold Tummy Control High Waist Thong will have your body looking snatched under all of  your clothes.  It doesn’t suck in the booty in the back, the thong allows all that a** to show underneath your clothing. Not only does it get the job done but it’s also comfortable and sexy at the same time. 

Think About It Square Toe Mule

It’s only right to have a statement shoein the bag even if it’s just one because if you don’t are you even prepared for what your weekend has to offer? These  are the perfect versatile heels that could be worn with a cutetrack suit, jeans, a dress, skirt, or even cute leather pants. You’ll be giving sexy, cute, and classy all at the same time and what woman doesn’t like to feel all 3?

Joan Chain Link Waist Belt 

TheJoan Chain Link Waist Beltis the perfectbeltto pair with just about any outfit in your closet. This bold piece could be worn with some cutebooty shorts,jeans, or nicepants. If you feel like your outfit to date night isn’t giving what it's supposed to give, it’s simple boo just add this belt as an extra item to your spend the night bag to take your outfit from a 4 to a 10. 

Expel Faux Croc Mini Bag

Have you heard the saying “the smaller the bag the bigger the bank”? When he sees you coming through with this bag girl, he already knows anything he does for  you is just extra. The Expel Faux Croc Mini Bagis a small bag but it makes a huge statement. This perfect mini bag has a handle and a crossbody strap, making it easy to wear it with casual wear or formal wear. 

So if you don’t have these5 must haves items packed and ready to go for your weekend with your new boo, I’m going to need you to stop what you’re doing, go shop these items onSwank A Poshwebsite, and repack. It wouldn't be right if we didn’t put our Swank baes on game. Take a picture of those spend the night bags and tag us, we would love to see these items in your bag. 

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