5 Best Swank A Posh Pieces To Wear To The Strip Club

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“Down in the valley where the girls get naked, if you throwing bands then you know she gone shake it, 1 2 break em”!! Watching P-Valley reminds you of how you haven’t been to the strip club in awhile to throw bands to the baddest strippers in the strip club. The loud trap music, the ladies doing crazy pole tricks, the money throwing, the smell of the burning  hookah coals, the bartender pouring up the best liquor, the all flats crispy hot wings, and the older men throwing out $100 bills every minute to the dancers on the floor, makes you get excited about going out to the strip club this weekend and turning up with your girls.
You knowSwank A Poshis always the plug when it comes to finding the flyest shit to wear out with your homegirls. Take a look down below at a few pieces that’ll have you pulling up to the strip club feeling grown and sexy. 
Confined Bandage Deconstructed Top
TheConfined Bandage Deconstruction Topis a bold and sexy piece. The construction of this top is designed for the girls (breast) to be sitting up just right. You can pair this withTheAce High Waist Stretchy Shorts orTheWitness Distressed High Rise Jeans. Popping out with this on will have the men looking at you instead of who they came to the strip club to see.  
Seeing Someone Corset Tank 
The Seeing Someone Corset Tank isn’t your basic tank. It’s form fitting, the stretch game is on point, plus it’ll have you looking snatched.  This cute tank will be cute to pair with some jeans,The On Strike High Rise Jeans to pair it with to be exact. It’s giving simple but still a big deal, while sitting in the strip club enjoying the vibes. 
No Refusal Denim Mini Dress
If you’re in the mood to pop out with a dress on in the strip club,The No Refusal Denim Mini Dressis the perfect go to. The chain linked shoulder straps are the statement piece to this denim dress. It has a little bit of padding in the breast area to make those titties tit well all night, with an amazing stretch throughout the entire dress. 
Props Mesh Lace Up Corset
If you are a woman who just can't get enough of corsets,The Props Mesh Lace Up Corset is just right for you sis. This corset will give a shirt you put on an extra spice to it. It’s sexy and give your breast a little push up. This corset can be paired withThe In Motion Latex Biker Shorts or withThe Ryan Simple Bodysuit.
Hung Up On You Pants Set 
If you are ready to hit up the strip club but you just don’t feel like putting together an outfit,The Hung Up On You Pants Setis convenient and cute to throw on. You can post up in this cute set and still be cute af while also being comfortable. To give this outfit a cute little extra boost, addThe Yee Braided Faux Leather Pouchwith your favorite cute black heels. 
Don’t say we never put y'all on atSwank A Posh, these are some of the many baddest pieces we have for you to pop out and throw some bands in. If the strip club is not the move for you, you can still wear these pieces wherever you decide to go. Tag us and tell your homegirls to tag us in their Swank pieces. 
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