5 Best Swank A Posh H*e Bag Items

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Men have the option to have multiple f*ck buddies, one night stands, and several sneaky links without getting judged. Instead, it’s celebrated and he’s recognized as being “dat guy”. Women are often judged if they decide to casually have sex with multiple men, have random link ups, or have several men they talk to at one time. A woman is considered a h*e and sometimes trifling when she does it. Swank A Posh is a no judgement zone over here, if you want to have one night stands or several f*ck buddies that’s yo business do you babe. 
 Let’s keep it cute by being safe and having our h*e bag sitting on ready for when we feel like doing what some men may consider as “thot shit”. A H*e bag is a bag you keep in the back of your trunk at all times when you know you are about to go to one of your boo’s houses to get slutted out for the night. Of course you need all the basic hygiene products and the necessities to be safe in your bag. The real tea question is, what are the clothes looking like in the bag sis? 
A h*e bag is supposed to have nothing but sexy items in it andThe Caught Up Bandage Chapsis one sexy item to add to your bag. These cute lined out and cut high rise bandage chaps look like you came over to handle that business. Your bag isn’t a real h*e bag without a sexy top added in it. The Confined Bandage Deconstructed Top is a deconstructed top that is fun but sexy. The next item you should add is theConversation Studded Fishnet Stockings. These are classic high waist fishnet stockings but with different sized rhinestones to spice it up a little. Now instead of throwing on some pj’s to sleep in when the night has wined down, you can throw on theDoctored Form Shape Wear Bodysuit. You’ll be looking snatched while sleeping. It’s not cute to do what some may consider “the walk of shame” the next morning in the same clothes you had to come over in. GrabThe Don’t Look Ribbed Biker Shorts Set and throw it in the bag for a bright and early fit after a long night. 
These are the perfectSwank A Posh h*e  bag items. Now sis, if playing around with different men isn’t your thing and you don’t have a hoe bag, it’s ok boo check outThe 5 Swank A Posh Items For The Spend The Night Bagblog. Comment below and let us know what your favorite h*e bag item is up above, we would love to hear from you!  



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