Zodiac Signs Fashion Style Part 2

Zodiac Signs Fashion Style Part 2

Last week we put y'all on game on how to determine  a person’s zodiac sign based on what they wear. But you can’t do that until you know the fashion tea on all of the zodiac signs. At Swank A Posh  ain’t no tea untold, so let’s get into these next 6 zodiac signs fashion style. 


Libras are extroverted but they also  like to be left alone. They are friendly, nurturing, and love harmony. Libra’s are romantic, they enjoy wearing something a little fun but sexy when they step out. Our Delighted Ruffle Floral Dress or our Floral Affair Tropical Ruffle Trim Dress would be their go to pieces here at Swank A Posh


If you know a Scorpio then you know these girls are cut throat! They will tell you exactly what it is without sugar coating a d*mn thing. They are loyal, brave, and very ambitious. Scorpios love all eyes on them but like to leave something to the imagination. Our Doctored Form Shape Wear Bodysuit and No Dress Code High Waist Distressed Mom Jeans is something you will catch them in or our Body Moves Mini Skirt Set. These outfits are giving all eyes on me with a little peak and that’s exactly what they want.


A Sag is unforgettable!!  They have big personalities and you will always remember them. A Sagittarius are very compassionate, smart, and optimistic. When it comes to style, they love a cute shirt and some good jeans to throw on right quick. Our Dangerous High Rise Skinny Distressed Jeans with the What's Tea? Printed T-Shirt tied to the side is a perfect outfit for them. Or our Cutting Corners Distressed Flare Jeans  with the What's Tea? Printed Cropped T-Shirt is their everyday look.


Capricorns are very goal oriented, ambitious, and are hustlers. They will hustle until they achieve all of their goals. Capricorns are very competitive girls and they love to win. Neutral colors and comfortable clothes are what you will catch them in when they’re out and about. Like our Viral V-Neck Biker Set or our Spare T-Shirt Biker Set in mocha because comfort and cute is how they rocking. 


Let’s get into the Aquarius girls. An Aquarius girl is friendly, supportive, and independent. They are always there to help others and always down to go out for an outing if you ask. Aquarius likes to switch it up often. You might catch them in our Open My Heart Bow Tie Bodysuit with The Dangerous High Rise Skinny Distressed Jeans . Then the next day they may wear our Give Away Short Sleeve Crop Top and The In Season High Waist Distressed Shorts. Their style is unpredictable, so you never know what they will to decide to pop out in


Pisces are empathetic, gracious, and selfish. They will go out of their way to make sure someone else is happy. Pisces are very innovative and creative. They like to have fun and be creative with their clothing. Whatever the mood is for the day, that’s what they're putting together. When they're in the mood to dress up they would wear our Abby One Shoulder Bodysuit with the High Hopes High Waist Cuffed Shorts. Or when they want to be a little chilled they will wear our Give Me More Ribbed Racerback Set for comfort. 

 Now that we covered all 12 zodiac signs fashion style, go purchase your home girl some cute Swank A Posh pieces and tag us. If you don’t see your zodiac sign in these six, we didn’t leave you out boo. Check out the Zodiac Sign Fashion Style Part 1 blog!!  


Marisa Harris

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