Why You Need Swank A Posh Jeans

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Once you grab the setting spray to finish off the beat you just did on your face, your man immediately gets happy because he knows that’s when you have finally finished doing your make-up. The setting spray is a need, in order for your make-up to set properly on your melanin skin. Women need products from particular brands for many reasons, especially black women. Some women may need to purchase their skin care from a certain brand because the brand make products for women of color, hair bundles from a particular hair vendor because the hair lasts longer, orSwank A Posh Jeans because they have good a** jeans, that are made for the culture. 

Why You NeedSwank A PoshJeans

 Swank A Posh has the BEST jeans and let me tell you why. All of our jeans are made for all  women but specifically black women. Our jeans are made with a patent stretch, that you can’t find anywhere else.Swank A Posh jeans are comfortable, enhance your shape, snatch the fupas in, and have sizes available up to 3X. You will never have to question “Will these jeans fit over my a**”, “ Will these jeans be too short”, or “ Do they have my size”? It’s a fact that our jeans are a  self-esteem booster, you’ll be feeling yourself in jeans that you can finally fit and love your shape in.  

Almost every woman has those pairs of jeans that they just don’t wear because the jeans make them itch when wearing the jeans for a certain amount of hours or even minutes. From ourSuperGa High Rise Stretchy Jeansto ourDipper Classic High Rise Jeans, the dye in every jean doesn’t irritate the skin. The textures are soft, smooth, thick, and light-weight, allowing the jeans to have bold pigmentation, durability, and the ability to slide the pants up like butter.

It’s 2021, regular boring jeans ain’t it!!Swank A Poshhave so many different options of jeans that our girls can have fun with. From our On The Outs Distressed High Rise Jeans that allow our girls to feel sexy with showing just enough skin, to ourBurn Bridges Contrast Flare Jeans that are versatile, and our Dipper Classic High Rise Jeansthat are classic jeans. Each jean has different shades of denim and many color options. There isn’t a basic jean you will buy atSwank A Poshand that’s why you NEED these jeans. It’s time to get rid of those  jeans that are out of style in your closet that don't fit, uncomfortable, too long in the crotch, itchy, or either too restrictive. That’s right, I said what I said girl it’s time to upgrade. 

You're still on the fence about our jeans after I just gave you the tea? The receipts are down below sis, check out the video from one of our Swank girls. If you are already a Swank bae and have some of our jeans, tag us boo. Go tell your homegirl why she should get some Swank A Posh jeans too.




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