What Swank A Posh Is Most Famous For

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Every brand is most famous for something. Nike is most famous for their Air Force 1’s, Apple for their easy-to-use products, Amazon for their fast shipping, and Swank A Posh for the best damn jeans you will ever buy. Swank A Posh is  a black owned business owned by a black woman.  All of our  jeans are one of a kind and created with the thought of every black woman in mind. 

SuperGa High Waist Stretchy Jeans 

TheSuperGa High Waist Stretchy Jeansare most famous for it’s stretch, comfortable, cute, and could be worn for many years while maintaining it’s pigment color and fabric quality. These jeans come in multiple color options, making it easy to have multiple pairs of your favorite jeans in different colors. Just ask our Swank baes, they can’t get enough of theSuperGa High Waist Stretchy Jeans.

Witness Distressed High Rise Jeans

Whenever you see our Swank baes in ourWitness Distressed High Rise Jeans, you are witnessing them giving everything they are supposed to give in these jeans and that’s FASHION. These jeans are distressed throughout the pant legs all the way down to the ankles, with 5 color options.  New Swank baes who are on the shorter side, don’t worry about the length of the pants being too long, you have the option to wear heels or switch it up with some cute flats you have in your closet.

Bing High Waist Stretchy Bell Bottom Jeans 

You can be classy, bougie, or ratchet in the Bing High Waist Bell Bottom Jeans. We’ve seen our Swank baes Turn up in these jeans, pull a man in these jeans, and we have even seen them do bougie sh*t in these. The point is, theBing High Waist Stretchy Jeansare versatile. The stretch of the jeans is just right, the fit is perfect, and the comfortability hits differently.

Dipper Classic High Rise Jeans 

Do you really own a pair of classic high waist  jeans if you don’t own the famousDipper Classic High Rise Jeans? Some of our Swank baes live in cold climates, so when Hot Girl Summer is over they make sure they rack up on these classic high rise jeans. With theDipper High Rise Classic Jeans, you can dip out of town, dip out to run errands, or even dip down without the pants ripping or tearing. These jeans are great quality and long-lasting. 

Cutting Corners Distressed Flare Jeans 

We know some of our Swank baes have spinned the block a few times in theCutting Corners Distressed Flare Jeans.These are the perfect go to jeans if you are looking to give a skinny leg, flare, or distressed look.The Cutting Corners Distressed Flare Jeans are distressed perfectly all the way to the bottom of the jeans. The summer is approaching and these jeans are SUMMER VIBES!!

Frontline High Rise Frayed Bell Bottom Jeans

In the front of the line or even the back of the line, all eyes are on our Swank baes with theFrontline High Rise Frayed Bell Bottom Jeanson. These jeans are your perfect go to jeans for a simple, cute, but still giving you a look type of day. The Frontline High Rise Frayed Bell Bottom Jeans have a hole on each knee and frayed at the bottom. These jeans can be paired with anything and still make a statement.

Swank A Posh is the jean plug, period!!!! All jeans come in multiple sizes, color options, long-lasting, and have a patent stretch that cling to the body. What other place can you buy jeans that have 4? I’ll wait.  Girl, I have given you all the tea to make sure you step out in the BEST jeans, shopSwank A Posh jeans and go spill the tea to your home girls. Once you purchase the jeans tag us sis, you are officially a Swank bae!!!! 



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