The Best Jeans For Curvy Women

  • 2 min read

“Hands on my knees, shaking ass, on my thot sh!t” by Meg Thee Stallion comes on while turning up at the lounge with your girls and it’s mandatory that you get out there and pop your sh!t to your favorite song. As you try to get down to twerk with your Meg knees your jeans are too restrictive, uncomfortable, and eventually split right down the middle of your a**!!

For a long time good jeans were hard to find for black women. Either the jeans were too restrictive, uncomfortable, or too long in the crotch. Black women with thick thighs, wide hips, and bigger asses weren't the problem, the jeans were. Today providing clothes for different body types is more common but the tea is, have you really found the perfect jeans if you don’t have a pair of Swank A Posh jeans?   

“If you don’t shop at Swank A Posh for your jeans, then where the hell else would you go”? Swank A Posh jeans are classics. All of our jeans are durable, comfortable,  and unique. The patent stretch in our jeans is a stretch that you can’t find anywhere else. The textiles are soft, smooth, and thick. Which allows the jeans  to have a bold pigmentation. Our jeans are easy to wash and come in sizes small to 3X. Our signatureSwank A Posh jeans will be around forever so grab a pair to see why.

 Our jeans are a confidence booster. All of our jeans have our Swank baes feeling themselves, while also enhancing their shapes. When our Swank baes shop atSwank A Posh they have hope. Hope in knowing we got just what they need without worrying about size, comfort, style, or their jeans splitting down the middle of their a** when they want to show people what their Meg knees are giving. Comment below and let us know what pair ofSwank A Posh jeans you have and what size you have it in. We would love to hear from y'all. 



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