Zodiac Signs Fashion Style

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Every girl loves going out with their  homegirls to  catch  up on some hot tea. But while you’re out you gotta admit that people watching can be entertaining as hell. A man walks by and  from his shoes up, ya’ll already thinking “Do he got a bag?, a woman?, I wonder what he does for a living?” just by looking at the clothes he has on. Or if it’s a woman, you look from her shoes on up to determine if she got a sugar daddy, what side of the town she’s from, and if she has kids or not.   

But did you know you can also tell what zodiac sign a person is based on the clothes they wear? Every Zodiac sign has its own style. At Swank A Posh, you know we got the heat for all zodiac signs and know exactly what they wear. See what these 6 zodiac signs in particular wear down below.


Aries are the leaders of the pack therefore they are trendsetters. These natural born hustlers like to go get the bag while being cute and comfortable at the same time. You can catch an Aries in ourPoint of View Ribbed Jumpsuit with a cute heel orSpare T-Shirt Biker Set with a cute tennis shoe. When an Aries is really in the mood and  trying to make a statement they would pair ourEverlasting Sheer Tulle Button Up Top withZag High Waist Denim Shorts.


A Taurus is very generous, down to earth, and laid back. Since a Taurus is laid back they like to dress that way too. So most of the time you will catch them in some athleisure like ourCalm Down Terrycloth Jogger Set orGive Me More Ribbed Racerback Set. But don’t get it twisted, they know how to step out and make a statement if they really want to.


Everybody knows that a Gemini  can bring humor to any situation! Most may say these girls have many different personalities but they have different styles to match each one. One day they might pop out with ourStray Away High Rise Distressed Mom JeansandHave It All Multi Way Wrap Shirt. Or they gone  switch it up with ourDangerous High Rise Skinny Distressed Jeans and a cute graphic tee like ourWhat's Tea? Printed T-Shirt. They’ll even pop out with the Lost In Love Maxi Skirt Set. Depending on which of their personalities decides to show up that day, you can catch em’ in all of theseSwank A Posh pieces.


They say if you have a Cancer in your life you are winning! The cancer girls are sweet, loving, and super loyal. They have long-term friendships because they are so down to earth. Cancers like to turn-up with their friends from time to time so you’ll catch them stepping out in classic pieces like our SuperGa High Waist Stretchy Jeans with theDoctored Form Shape Wear Bodysuit or our Ring My Bells Light Wash Bell Bottom Jeanswith theTake Control Ribbed Bodysuit. They always keep it cute and classy.


Our Leo girls are very generous and have a lot of self-confidence. They like wearing things that make you stop & stare while looking like a bag of money. OurIn Motion Latex Biker Shorts and theBack To Basics Asymmetrical Top or ourGood Luck Corset Mini Dresswould be their favorites here atSwank A Posh. These outfits are sexy, cute, and will have them lookin’ like they got a big bag when they step out.


If you ever met a Virgo then you know off top they are humble, reliable, and always have new ideas. Our Virgo boos love a dress hunny. They enjoy getting cute without having to put too much thought into it. They also like to keep it simple when it comes to colors. They would wear theGood Luck Corset Mini Dress in tan or either theTwisted Up Tie Up Mini Dress in the color stone. 

The next time you step out to go chop it up with your homegirls and people watch, remember to point out what zodiac sign they are based on what they have on. Now we know it’s more zodiac signs other than these 6 but stay tuned boo to see what we have to say about the others. Comment below and let us know your zodiac sign.


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