Swank A Posh Black Friday Sale

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Girl, did you not hear the tea?? It’s up!!!Swank A Posh is having a Black Friday sale on the whole site!! Yesssss you saw that right, the whole site!! All the cute shit is going to be 40% off!! That means you can buy all your favs for the low. This is the biggest Black Friday sale we have ever had so you don’t want to sleep on it!  The holidays are approaching, plus it’s cold af.  We know y’all want to be hella comfortable and warm, tap in to see some of the many things you can get that’ll be on sale.

Stick With Me Oversized Flannel Coat

Sis we know it’s cold and you ain’t got time to be putting on clothes, clothes but you ain’t gotta look how you be lookin’ either! OurStick With Me Oversized Flannel Coat is a cute and easy go to when you want to take your outfit up a notch without having to do the most. This oversized coat is warm, mid-length, plaid, has pockets, and a button down in the front. You can wear it with ourCareless High Rise Scrunched Pants. Everything is 40% off. Why not add this to your cart now???

Prime Hoodie Jogger Set 

Our Prime Hoodie Jogger Set is also 40% off and too easy to throw on when you just ain’t feeling it but still want to pop out cute. It’s super comfortable with a hoodie sweatshirt that has pockets and high rise jogger pants with pockets. Dress it up girl throw on ourPonder Away Wedge Ankle Boot to give it that look.   

Act Up Cropped Athletic Set

Wanna act up?? OurAct Up Cropped Athletic Set will make you do just that!! This set is far from basic boo. OurAct Up Cropped Athletic Set is super stretchy, long sleeve, and has an uneven cropped side that makes it sexy athleisure. It features colored seams, high waisted leggings and  a zipper on the back of the jacket making it versatile to wear in the front or back. Get this cute set for 40% off before the price goes up!

Paris Nights Oversized Sweater  

Girl you haven’t seen an oversized sweater like this one! TheParis Nights Oversized Sweater is simple but chic at the same time. It’s one size, a vibrant color, and has a cute Paris print that takes the oversized sweater to the next level. You can wear this as a dress with some thigh high boots or with some cute leather pants like ourMelted Faux Leather High Rise Jeans. Like why would you not get this when the price is right?? Remember everything is 40% off even the cuteMelted Faux Leather High Rise Jeans to pair with it.

Easy Fit Athletic Set

If you a Swank OG then you know ourEasy Fit Athletic Set is a classic here at Swank. The gworls love this cute, comfortable, and stretchy set. OurEasy Fit Athletic Set does the body just right!! It features a keyhole on the sleeves, a zippered jacket, and the pants are high waisted. This set is 40% off. It's never that cheap. So it’s best to order  two or three while you have a chance sis!!

Brazil Lined Jogger Sweatsuit

This one is another must have especially since it’s 40% off!! OurBrazil Lined Jogger Sweatsuit has a long-sleeve crew neck top with mid-rise pants that features lining in both the front and back. The pants are wide leg with an open zipper on both sides along the bottom with pockets on each side. This sweatsuit is made of thick material making it easy to keep warm.  

Now sis, THE WHOLE site is going to be 40% off  plus if you spend $50 you get free items!! So text “S21”to29071 right now to gain early access because we know you heard about what happened last time, we sold out in 15 minutes!! Don’t miss getting all your favs for the low and then beef with us later. Comment below and let us know the items you’re buying during Black Friday.

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