How To Wash Your Swank A Posh Jeans

How To Wash Your Swank A Posh Jeans

You can find the perfect jeans at Swank A Posh that are great quality, where the stretch game of the jeans is crazy, and the pigmentation is bold. Sis, the jeans can have all of those great qualities but you can still f*ck the jeans up if you don’t wash em properly. Let me put you on game on how to wash your jeans the right way. 
Prep Your Jeans 
Don’t be lazy boo, before washing your jeans prep your jeans inside out and separate your jeans by the color. This helps the pigmentation of the jeans last longer, while also protecting the distressed areas on your distressed jeans. 
Washing Your Jeans
Wash your jeans with cold water on the gentle wash setting, unless it’s a pair of white jeans that should be washed in warm water. The cold water helps maintain the color especially with dark wash jeans. The warm water helps white jeans loosen stains more. Do not bleach your jeans unless it’s a solid pair of white jeans. Your jeans should be washed separately from your other clothes, who wants to untangle your distressed jeans from your bra? 
Drying Your Jeans
The best way to dry jeans is to let the jeans air dry. If you just don’t have time for that girl, dry the jeans on tumble dry/ the delicate setting inside out. If you love all of your jeans and want to keep em around for awhile, take the jeans out the dryer while damped; this will help the jeans last longer. 
Hang/Fold Your Jeans
Don’t be one of them sis, who never put their jeans away. Hang/fold your jeans once you’ve dried them. Hanging/folding jeans is a part of maintaining the quality. 
We  have the best jeans at Swank A Posh no cap but we also want you to maintain the quality of your jeans by following these simple steps. Let us know what your favorite Swank A Posh jeans are and tag us. We love to hear from our Swank baes!!
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Marisa Harris


Marisa Harris

I’m new to this company {SWANK}. I’m 60 years of age and I love my Bell Bottoms jeans. I asked my daughter where can I find a pair of bell bottom jeans? My daughter who is 37 hip me to your sight and I love it. I wash my jeans in cold water and they look so good on me, I truly love your clothes. I also bought blouses and I love them as well. One other thing. I love how fast your delivery is. Everything I have experienced so far has been great. Thanks for being a great SWANKAPOSH. Again love my clothes and the prices. God Bless.

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