How To Organize Your Closet

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We know you girls love someSwank A Posh!! But do you really love us if your closet is full ofSwankclothes on the floor?? Girl pick those d*mn clothes up and clean that junky ass closet!! We know you saw Swank girl Lana’s closet in those videos, so tap in to see what you can use to get your closet to look like hers.

How To Organize Your Closet    

Velvet Hangers  

If you want your closet to really look coordinated and put together, velvet hangers will do just that. Color coordinate yourgraphic tees like ourGood Things Are Coming Graphic Printed T-Shirt or your blouses like ourJust Got Plaid Long Sleeve Top, it will save space and a lot of time when you are doing your morning routine. With velvet hangers you don’t have to worry about your clothes falling off the hanger and your Swank items will last much longer.

Wooden Hangers

Fall is basically here and winter is approaching!! It’s time to coordinate those jackets ladies! Jackets like ourHide and Seek Colorblock Longline Trench Coat, theKiss And Tell Denim & Pearl Jacket, or theVintage Camouflage Cropped Jacket can not be caught on the floor!! The wooden hangers are heavy and can hold the weight of a jacket. It’s important to keep the closet looking sleek and cute so coordinating these jackets based on their style is a must. 

Pants Hangers 

Girl bye don’t tell us you’re rolling yourDangerous High Rise Skinny Distressed Jeansor yourNo Dress Code High Waist Distressed Mom Jeans in a drawer piled up with other jeans!! Get you some pants hangers!! Not only will these hangers prevent your pants from wrinkling but will help the duration of your pants. 

Clothing Containers 

Don’t leave those summer clothes out sis, it takes up too much room and the goal is to declutter. Fold, separate, and organize your summer clothes into clothing containers.  You’re going to want to still pop out in ourDare to Bare Short Set or even ourWild Child Distressed Printed T-Shirt Dress next summer. The clothing containers will keep your summer clothes in good shape until it’s sun out bunz out again! 

Purse Organizer

We know you keep your luxury purses well kept in the box it came in but your Swank purses need to be well kept too. Take your purses like theChained To You Faux Leather Crossbody Bag, theCurrency Rhinestone Clutch Shoulder Bag, or theFit You In Shoulder Bag and store them in a purse organizer. This helps not only with the aesthetics of your closet but saves time as well.

Jewelry Organizer

A Jewelry Organizer is much needed as anything else to add to your closet. You won’t have to scramble in one of your purses for yourJazz Anklet or yourMoney Talks Rhinestone Chokeranymore. This organizer will prevent your jewelry from getting tangled, lost, and scratching.  

Coordinate all of your clothes and organize your closet ASAP!! If you don’t organize your closet how could you see what you need to buy fromSwank A Posh for the fall/winter?? We love to hear from you  gworls, so take a picture of your organized closets and tag us!!  


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