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What Meg say “Told that ___ give me the money don’t know what you playin for, this expensive don’t be touchin on what you ain’t payin for”!! Cause if he ain’t spending a check then move around! Sis we know you've been getting flewed out and spoiled all year and that’s what’s up. But it’s ok to give that man a break, especially on Sweetest Day. 

Sweetest Day is October 16th and everybody knows that it’s a day all about your man! It’s the one day they get spoiled and splurged on. Now true enough, we believe in getting the bag but we also get to the bag. So we know you got your own bag to spoil that man but first grab these cute ass clothes we got for y'all at Swank A Posh.

Sweetest Day Outfits

SuperGa High Waist Stretchy Jeans 

Now we know what you gworls are saying “I have a pair of superga jeans already”. That’s the problem you only have one pair but do you have all the colors though?? Listen, we just dropped this new sexy color, chocolate! If you’re an OG you know these jeans are super stretchy, comfortable, and you can go a size smaller than what you usually wear (the stretch game is that crazy). Plus ourSuperGa High Waist Stretchy Jeansare 2 for $45 when you use code SG45. Grab ourBest Of Me Cropped Button Up Topto pair with yourSuperGa High Waist Stretchy Jeans. These chocolates are our gift to you to go out and enjoy your boo, so grab a pair!

Sunset View Button Up Shorts Set

I know what you’re thinking, “ain’t this a summer outfit”?  And it can be but it’s also a Fall fit as well. OurSunset View Button Up Shorts Set top has long sleeves, a collar, buttons down, with drawstring shorts. This tangerine color gives you all the fall vibes you are looking for. To really make the outfit hit just right, you can pair it with some cute thigh high boots. We know for a fact your man would love to see you in this!

Round About Ruche Faux Leather Mini Skirt 

Leather is sexy but a leather skirt is really sexy! OurRound About Ruche Faux Leather Mini Skirtis giving, I’m a grown woman vibes! It’s chocolate, vegan leather, high waisted, and has ruche detailing. You can dress this mini skirt up or down but you’re trying to really look good for your boo so why dress this down? Pair this skirt with our Lady Power Shoulder Button Up Blouse. It’s a cute button down ruffle blouse, with long-sleeves, and a collar. If you don’t want to look like too much of a grandma, unbutton it a little, and show a peek of the girls (breasts).

Loose Cannon Faux Leather Pants

You look like you mean business when you step out in ourLoose Cannon Faux Leather Pants. These vegan leather pants are super sexy and cute! These pants fit well in all the right places, it’ll definitely show what your ass and thighs are giving. OurLoose Cannon Faux Leather Pants fit loose at the bottom, with a straight cut, and are semi high rise. You really want to show your man why he’s lucky to have a bad bih right? Well you gotta cop a sexy shirt to pair with it! Grab ourLow Down Ribbed Crop Tank, it’s cute and has a low down V-cut. Now we know you saw what Juicii said! A small/medium in this shirt fits, so add it to the cart boo.

In My Feelings Halter Dress

Now if wearing a dress is going to be easier for you to wear out with your man (if you know, you know) get into ourIn My Feelings Halter Dress. This dress is very stretchy, comfortable, and will enhance all of your curves. Now this is a halter dress and we know some of you gworls live in different climates. Our silver and rhinestoneParty Starter Rhinestone Blazer will be a perfect jacket to add with this dress. So if you’re taking your man to a bougie restaurant, add these items to your cart and actually checkout this time girl. 

Dash Hooded Stretchy Denim Jacket

If you are just taking your man to a chilled spot and don’t want to do too much, ourDash Hooded Stretchy Denim Jacket is a good go to. It’s comfortable, stretchy, cropped, and has a hood on the back. You can never miss when you do denim on denim. Grab ourLight Blue Mega Stretch Jeans, throw on some cute thigh high boots, and you gotta cute ass fit!! 

Now get that one Meg lyric out ya head on Sweetest Day weekend and show your boo a good time!! Sweetest Day is October 16th so grab all your cute shit TADAY because you don’t even have that type of time to be wasting!! Don’t be mad when you don’t have your shit together because we told you to stop leaving your stuff in that cart sis!! Tag us in your outfits on the gram and comment down below to tell us what you got!!


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