The Map Of A Black Woman's Body

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“Cause she thick Thi-thi-thi-thi-thi-thick” by DJ Chose song comes on and you immediately turn up in the middle of traffic, in your car, while everybody stares because you can relate. Remember there was a time when being thick wasn’t embraced, especially if you were a black woman? Being small, petite, and a size one was socially acceptable. But look how times have changed, EVERYBODY wants to be able to jump in jeans now.
The Black Woman’s Body
At  Swank A Posh we understand all of our thick girls struggle when it comes to finding the right clothes that fit, especially jeans. The jeans are either not long enough, not stretchy, too restrictive, or the crotch area is too long. We understand what our girls need and that’s why nobody makes jeans for black women like Swank A Posh. Our jeans are long-lasting, have a patent stretch that allows the jeans to cling to the body, the perfect length, can fit every girl’s waist line, and come in sizes from small to 3X. So it’s never a struggle finding jeans that fit for a black woman’s body at Swank A Posh.
You’ve heard the saying “It’s just in the genes”. Most black women are naturally thick and full in a lot of areas. From the thick thighs, hips, big breast, and full booties it’s a lot of areas to be filled on a black woman’s body. Black women have been discriminated against and body shamed for years because of it. From being labeled as promiscuous or being denied a position in the workplace, black women have suffered what were considered the consequences, for being able to fill out an outfit. 
Being thick is now a trend while also being a standard in today’s time! Women are now getting bigger breasts, bigger booties, and hips added to their bodies. The definition of thick also has a different meaning to it. It means you’re more healthy, eating good, and or super happy at that particular moment in your life. Let’s be real, it’s someone in your life that you know who went to Miami to get their body “snatched” or simply just want the extra gains. 
Even though being thick is a trend and the new standard in society today, it comes with a lot of challenges and tricks/ hacks. As Beyonce said “If you don’t jump to put jeans on, baby you don’t feel pain”. Being thick means there are many creative ways you have to put your clothes on. From laying in the bed on your back to pull up jeans, sitting at the edge of the bed while putting both legs in your pants while jumping up afterwards, taking a hanger to zip up your shirt in the back because the girls (breast) are sitting high, or using a hair tie to button up your jeans . Thick women can always teach someone a trick or two on how to make your clothes look around all those curves. Tricks like cuffing your pants under the booty to make all that a** sit up in jeans, using tape to make the breast sit up right in a blouse, or pulling tights up over the stomach for belly control. 
The map of a black woman’s body has always been imitated. Rather you’re a black woman who’s thin, slim thick, thick, or thick thick black women have always had beautiful shapes. So the next time you see a black woman in her car turning up to her favorite song about being thick in traffic, just mind your business. We can finally embrace who we are and express ourselves through our clothing, PERIOD!!!!!





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August 17, 2021

I grew during the 80’s whn it wasn’t popular 2 b thicc.. I’ve bn thicc since was 12 yrs old n still thicc n my late 40’s. I use 2 hide my curves under long shirts n baggy pants. Not 2 mention I’m naturally a G cup n bras. But whn I turned 40 I finally embraced my curves. I’ll never 4get this guh I use 2 work with said" Guh we n style now cos everybody wanna b thicc"! We gave each other a high five! N I said “Ikr guh”!



July 05, 2021

I love this read!! Points were made!! Thank you

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